Art for Sale

Flushing Bob Whites

This original 20 x 24 oil on canvas is available for sale. It features a golden retriever flushing a pair of bob white quail from cover. The composition was executed with a split complimentary pair of colors, and showcases David M. Keene's use of intense color to romanticize the depicted imagery.


20 x 24 oil painting of a golden retriever flushing quail


This original 20 x 24 oil painting is availble for sale. It features a buckskin clad huntsman taking aim on a deer in the deep snowfilled forest. It is meant to  be evocative of things past, as well as a reminder of where some early American's depended upon obtaining their food. The composition is based upon a complimentary pair of colors, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the painting.

$1,650 (Including frame)


Spirit Hunt

This framed original 18 x 24 oil on canvas is available for sale. The painting is a wholly original painting that takes its roots from the western art of self-taught Montanan Charlie Russell, and features a Lakota plains warrior firing an arrow into a large tatanka, or North American Bison. The composition uses two complimentary pairs to balance the complex interaction of shape and space.

$1,950 (including frame)

Homage to Charlie Russell

Blackwater Sunrise

This large and popular painting from David M. Keene is now available for sale.