The Art

"Art is a wholly subjective thing. I can appreciate forms of art that are not my own style, but what I strive for in my own art might be something altogether different...

To me, I feel that it is important to exploit the most unique aspects of the medium that you are currently using. That can have an enormous impact on the final work. When I'm working with oil-based paints, I want to glaze and layer my semitransparent pigments wherever I can, and use the age old technique of sfumato - both to increase the realism of the composition. I can pile the paint up in heavy impasto layers to create a three dimensional surface that can also effect the way light interacts with the textured surface of a painting - altering one's perception of a work. These are some of the techniques that I seek to employ to set my art apart from the alla prima and impressionist style artists that are more common.

Probably what is most readily apparent from the images on my site is the intensity of color that I use. I don't strive for absolute realism in my paintings. To me, if I wanted that, I'd print one of my reference photos (which I often take myself), and sell that. What I look for is intense saturation. A sort of idealized reality."

-David M. Keene