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We have image galleries of David M. Keene's paintings and photographs, posts about his process, and (soon) a store for making deposits on commissions or purchasing original art.  or quality reproductions. We can currently receive payments through the site, but they must be set up for each transaction.

Flushing Bob Whites

This original 20 x 24 oil on canvas is available for sale. It features a golden retriever flushing a pair of bob white quail from cover. The composition was executed with a split complimentary pair of colors, and showcases David M. Keene's use of intense color to romanticize the depicted imagery.


20 x 24 oil painting of a golden retriever flushing quail


This original 20 x 24 oil painting is availble for sale. It features a buckskin clad huntsman taking aim on a deer in the deep snowfilled forest. It is meant to  be evocative of things past, as well as a reminder of where some early American's depended upon obtaining their food. The composition is based upon a complimentary pair of colors, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the painting.

$1,650 (Including frame)


Spirit Hunt

This framed original 18 x 24 oil on canvas is available for sale. The painting is a wholly original painting that takes its roots from the western art of self-taught Montanan Charlie Russell, and features a Lakota plains warrior firing an arrow into a large tatanka, or North American Bison. The composition uses two complimentary pairs to balance the complex interaction of shape and space.

$1,950 (including frame)

Homage to Charlie Russell

The Art

"Art is a wholly subjective thing. I can appreciate forms of art that are not my own style, but what I strive for in my own art might be something altogether different...